Valley of Chaya

Valley of Chaya

Available in Paperback or Ebook

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This first book in the Valley of Chaya series sets a new benchmark in Christian fiction excellence. The book is best described as an action adventure, suspense, love story. It is set in the world of human trafficking but has been written with sensitivity and care to ensure a quality read.

Ashok and Shanti lead a very simple life and they love each other more than anything else. They’re a couple of street kids living in Mumbai with high expectations of a better life tomorrow. Their lives are changed in an instant when Shanti is abducted by strangers.

At the same time Australian teenager Charlotte Turner is preparing to embark on a long awaited trip to India. Despite a major planning setback and family difficulties Charlotte leaves for India, but with very mixed emotions.

You will fall in love with these characters and live their journey as though you were there, the story is breath taking and heart breaking but definitely a book to have in your collection – you will enjoy and remember it for ever.

Tracey Hoffmann – Author

Tracey Hoffmann - Author

Tracey Hoffmann is the energetic author of amazing fiction novels and she’s destined for great things.

Anyone who knows Tracey would be quick to agree that she’s one of “the good people” – definitely someone worthy of being called a friend. That’s who Tracey is to everyone (known or unknown) she’s a friend.

Tracey has a tireless passion to see the wrongs of the world put right and outworks this passion through her family, friends and writings. Tracey never needs prompting twice to help someone in need and her career path has always been aligned to lending a hand. As a professional counsellor Tracey has lead many adults and children on a journey of self awakening and healing, most of whom have gone on to lead healthy successful lives.

As a wife, mother and grandmother Tracey embraces the daily challenges and rewards of family life and can say with all honesty that she knows that life is no bed of roses. She’s an amazing teacher and encourager to younger people and seeks their company to “keep her young”.

Many of Tracey’s siblings and friends will agree that Tracey has always had a very active imagination and from this stemmed the desire to write fiction novels. Encouraged by husband Allan she began to write her first novel in 2006 and by 2010 it was obvious that Tracey had an amazing writing talent so she was convinced to commit to full time writing.

In 2012 Tracey released her first two novels, Anchored and Valley of Chaya.

In reading Tracey’s novels you will be taken places you’ve never been and live the lives of characters you’ll grow to love. These books will allow you to get to know the Tracey that her family and friends know – the mother’s heart – the sister’s hand – a lover of life with a quest that everyone have a happy ending.

A Great author with a very big future – enjoy her journey.

Available in Paperback or Ebook

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Amazon reviews

This was an amazing story and you cannot stop reading. This book takes you in a different direction than you expect it will and is a truly inspirational book. I can’t imagine anyone not liking this book. —– B. Blankenship

I loved this book, would love to see a sequel. Just ordered Anchored, I know it will be awesome as well! —– Bredonche

I absolutely loved this book! The story itself opened by eyes to the horrible things that go on in other parts of the world and as a mother it is just heartbreaking to think of those things. But, the story was told in a way that brought hope and it showed that through God all things are possible. The story reminded me of David and Goliath in the bible in that Charlotte was David and Scarface and The Boss were Goliath. This is one of those books that is gripping and it will be hard for you to put it down. Guaranteed! I will definitely be reading a lot more of this author’s books! —– Caseygirl

This book is wonderful! such a fantastic example of forgiveness!! It is hard to put down once you start reading though. —– Chad Doornbos

Awesome and moving book that forever changed me. Anxious to see what God is going to do with this passion to help. —– Chris S Doughty

This book shows how faith can prevail in the darkest of situations and how God can sustain you through hope in him. —– Debbie Evans

Wow. After the first few pages, I was barely able to put this book down. Tracey Hoffmann’s ability to combine a gripping narrative, with a present day social issue really made for a compelling read. It was entertaining and heart wrenching all at once! —– Deni Mackay

These are just a few of the many encouraging reviews on Amazon.

Your support makes a difference

So many of the thousands that have read the book commented that they would love to join the fight against Human Trafficking but not sure how – unknowingly they already have just by buying the book – Tracey is an active supporter of many organisations active in social justice projects and contributes to their funding – sharing this page with others will also throw great support to her efforts – you can make a difference.

Available in Paperback or Ebook

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